The Best Person to Video My Wedding

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When my best friend became my boyfriend, I was so happy. I knew from the moment we became friends that there was something special about him. He must have felt the same way because we were only dating a few months when he became my fiance. Neither one of us wanted to stay engaged long, so we planned a really fast wedding ceremony and reception. The one thing that was very important to me was making sure that we had the best Chicago wedding videographer that we could. I was concerned because of the short notice, but my hopefulness paid off.

The one I really wanted, I had a feeling we would not get because he is just that good. I called anyway, and I was surprised and ecstatic when I found out that he did have that day open because of a recent cancellation. The reason I wanted this particular person is because he did my friend’s wedding last year, and the video was absolutely beautiful.…

Keeping the Women in My Life Safe

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In today’s day and age one cannot be too careful when it comes to safety. This applies to everybody but I think women need to be extra vigilant in protecting themselves against danger. I’m a huge advocate of women’s self-defense and often participate in making such classes available to women in high-risk neighborhoods and environments. I came across a website the other day that offers a female survival kit for a reasonable price. I am thinking about a way to incorporate this safety kit available to women that take the classes. This would be an excellent opportunity for them to acquire the tools to keep them safe.

The kit is quite extraordinary as it provides many different items to help protect yourself and your valuables. Included is a book that doubles as a safe. It appears to be an average book in which you can conceal your valuable jewelry or any other items you may want to keep safe. Two different pepper sprays are also included with one concealed as lipstick. An attacker would never except this and most likely wouldn’t see it coming. The kit also comes with a personal alarm and an electronic whistle. An instruction manual is provided with details about how to use every item in the kit.

This safety kit would be an excellent gift for any woman in your life. It would be perfect for any young woman that is going to college. What better way to help protect your daughter or family member while they are away from home in unfamiliar territory? I personally am going to make this my go-to gift for all women in my family. Every day on the news we hear stories about women being abducted, abused and taken advantage of. If this kit can save the life of one woman then we should all spread the word about it. …

Re-branding for the Market the Generation That Understands Re-branding Like No Other, Getting It Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, Gen Z Advertising

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Gen z advertising is coming of age. Finally, the millennials can consider themselves off the hot-seat, as the generation as a whole trudges towards respectable adulthood, the acquiring of children, and basically the status of has-beens. However, as one generation moves away from the spotlight another naturally moves forward and under it, taking their turn on the world stage to be prodded and analyzed as the world as a whole attempts to understand what makes this new generation tick, so as to understand it, possibly relate to it, and oh most definitely the best way to pitch advertising to it. Or so one might assume. But, here’s the rub. This generation is savvy. Boomers and Gen-Zers may have grown up on television and millennials may have cut their teeth on the digital world, but Gen Z is taking the world on in an era of social media.

No-one needs to tell them about being in the spotlight. They understand as no generation has before that they are on the world stage, able to talk to anyone, virtually anywhere, whenever they want to, simply by sending out a tweet. GenZers are comfortable online as no generation has ever been before them and they are growing up in an era when entrepreneurship and online business not only go hand-in-hand, but where the status of one state, actualized by the ownership of the othe,r is becoming near-commonplace, as more individuals of younger and younger years choose to take an idea and seize the day of their own destiny. In a brand new way this is an age of pioneers, with a whole new sort of west to ride into and win.

So, it makes sense that the latest word on gen z advertising comes directly from the horse’s mouth.…