The Best Person to Video My Wedding

When my best friend became my boyfriend, I was so happy. I knew from the moment we became friends that there was something special about him. He must have felt the same way because we were only dating a few months when he became my fiance. Neither one of us wanted to stay engaged long, so we planned a really fast wedding ceremony and reception. The one thing that was very important to me was making sure that we had the best Chicago wedding videographer that we could. I was concerned because of the short notice, but my hopefulness paid off.

The one I really wanted, I had a feeling we would not get because he is just that good. I called anyway, and I was surprised and ecstatic when I found out that he did have that day open because of a recent cancellation. The reason I wanted this particular person is because he did my friend’s wedding last year, and the video was absolutely beautiful. He was able to create a story with the video, one like I had never seen before. He took so much video of both my friend and her then-fiance, as well as their families and friends.

He did interviews, had funny moments, and then the actual ceremony and reception. He was able to compile all of this together into a 40 minute video of the most romantic day of my friend’s life. He used music, humor, memories, and so much more, and that is why I wanted him to create for me my very own tape of the most romantic day of my life too. I know this is meant to be because why else would the best videographer have a sudden opening on the day I am getting married, on such short notice? I cannot wait!

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